Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Stamping + Dots + Tips

Hello guys!

Yesterday I told my husband about the upcoming James Bond Collection from OPI and I showed him the 12 luxurious shades including the Limited Edition 18k gold leaf top coat from OPI as well, it is called The Man with the Golden Gun and I couldn't wait 'til October comes because he's going to get the whole collection including the gold top coat for me, since he's a big fan of James Bond, he's going to get himself the Golden Anniversary James Bond Movie Box set as well. So it's like we will both celebrate the James Bond 50th Anniversary together. So anyway guys, I just thought it would be nice to share to you how excited I am for October.

So moving on, today I made my 2nd stamping attempt and I have to say I did pretty well since my first attempt, there's quite a big improvement and I actually love it. 

I used:

Base Color - Spoiled Jail Bait
Stamp - Spoiled Correction Tape
Tips & Dots - Spoiled Plenty of Fish In The Sea

I feel happy about this mani, I love how the colors look bright together. What do you think of my 2nd attempt guys? Yay or nay? 


  1. you did great! love the accents with the blue! :)

  2. Amazing artwork! Your nails look fantastic :)

  3. amazing nails! xx

  4. Haa, Interesting take on this image. I like the dots and tips.


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