Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fishtail Braids Attempt

Hey guys!

I haven't been so productive with my posts lately, our internet service have been acting up and it just gets on my nerves. So it has been a movie time almost everyday. So what I have for today is my first attempt of fishtail braids that is so trendy nowadays.

I used:

Base Color - Kleancolor Metallic Pink
Braids - OPI Pink Friday
              Kleancolor Metallic Pink
              Spoiled Correction Tape

It's a little bit decent, the lines are not straight at all did it with free hand. So I'm a little bit happy about it.

Girls off topic, I have to share this movie that we've seen the other day. If you're husband and boyfriend haven't seen this movie yet, I recommend that you should mention this to them. This is so far the best action packed movie I've seen in years it's an Indonesian action martial arts movie called "The Raid" the American title is The Raid: Redemption. I'm sure they're going to love this movie and if you're into brutal action movies as well, this movie is for you.

Until next time lovelies :)


  1. Even though it's not perfect, I still really like it! You chose beautiful colors! :)

  2. you did great! i like it! will tell the hubby about this movie. He enjoys watching action packed movies.


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