Thursday, October 25, 2012

Holo Chrome by Kleancolor

Hello ladies!

This is a continuation of my individual swatches for local beauty store brands I picked up last week, they're Kleancolor and Nanacoco, for some reason underrated brands interests me because you don't see them often or they're not as popular as the mainstream brands. So what I have for you today is "Holo Chrome" by Kleancolor.

  • Color Description: A blurple jelly base packed with metallic silver and holo glitters
  • Formula: Like the Holo Orange it's a bit thick but application was never an issue, it glides smoothly and evenly. Just make sure not to apply thick coats because it tends to goop. 
  • Finish: Jelly/Glitter
  • Coat(s): 2 coats for full opacity with top coat
  • Drying Time: A bit slow

As I mentioned on my last post with Holo Orange they're both great for layering, as you can see in the photo above. Holo Chrome over Black (Jordana) on my index and middle finger and Holo Orange over  Tangy (Jordana) on my ring and pinky finger. I love layering they elevate boring to pretty colors in a whole different dimension. Pretty much I love Holo Chrome and in fact I like it better than Holo Orange when it comes to wearing it alone because the base is more opaque, but kid you not I really don't like the smell. But despite that downside aspect I still like this brand they do have a lot of great colors.

Hope you like my swatch and review for today and until next time lovelies :) 

xoxo Tintin


  1. oh so gorgeous! :) all of them!

  2. Gorgeous nails hun :) x

  3. I love the Klean colors line. They are cheap but have great toppers and you can stamp with the metallics.


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