Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Orange Glitter

Hello lovelies!

Tomorrow is Halloween and it sucks that I haven't had any Halloween themed mani or any nail art so I decided to make swatches since I have quite a few polishes that are spooky appropriate. Episode 1 is for Blue Cross' Black Light Pumpkin Orange Glitter. I want to apologize for the poor picture quality this polish is so hard to photograph.

  • Color Description: A neon orange jelly base with iridescent glitters
  • Formula: This is fairly a quick drying glitter polish but I'm not quite a big fan of the formula, good thing it's not so thick it makes the application quite easy but tricky. It looks matte when dry.
  • Finish: Jelly/Glitter
  • Coat(s): 2 coats with top coat
  • Drying Time: Fast
My iPhone almost want to give up lol, this polish is so hard to photograph which are so common to neons. I really need a good camera, I want to produce good quality photos for my blog. Anyway, this polish is ok for me I like the color but I don't like the texture it's a little bumpy but thanks to seche vite top coat always does the job. Actually the color looks way brighter and striking in person and I really love the bottle it looks so cute. Overall I like this polish perfect for the Halloween.


  1. Ooh another pretty polish! Another blogger said if you have a hard time taking a picture of the neon you have, then it's a good neon :D hehe

  2. very pretty! :) i agree with Traci a good neon is hard to photograph.

  3. That bottle is so cute. I like the color. .


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