Sunday, September 23, 2012

Welcoming Fall

Hello lovelies!

I'm so frustrated with our internet connection, can't do no jack with the computer without internet. So right now I'm trying this blogger app on my iPhone, hope this one works fine. I don't have a choice but to use my data and I don't actually like using data because it makes the bill go up high. Well what can I do, it won't stop me from blogging and posting my mani. Since fall is officially here, I thought of doing a mani to welcome the lovely fall.

Here's what I did earlier today.

I used:

Base Color - Tangy by Jordana
Stamp Design - Metallic Mango & Retro Green by Kleancolor
Tips - Metallic Pink by Kleancolor
Top Coat - Seche Vite

What do you think girls? Is it fall appropriate? Let me know love to hear your thoughts. By the way I finally added social media buttons on my sidebar. I would appreciate if you can also follow me through facebook, twitter, pinterest, google+ and instagram.

See you next time guys.

xoxo Tintin


  1. Fabulous sweetie! Looks like that blogger app is working out pretty well huh? But still I understand your frustration well my internet drops all the time in my apartment grrr...

  2. Aw your post still looks good coming from your phone!
    I love this mani!!

  3. Lovely Nails. Great art!
    You are so lucky for that talent.
    :)) Cute blog by the way, love the header.
    I followed your blog, I hope you can follow back


  4. Oh wow, this is so pretty! I love the colors you chose, and the stamping with the leaves! :D

    ~ Yun


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