Saturday, November 10, 2012

Glitter Spam

Hello ladies!

I'm glad to be back of being missing for a week and had to make it up for posting glitter swatch spam. I think we all have our lazy days and also I thought it was also fitting since yesterday was my father's first death anniversary so I have to lay low for a while and just chill and remember the days with him. We miss him so much, anyway I really don't want to sound so sad and here's what I put up for today's post. I received all polishes from giveaways :)

You Blue My Heart Away by Daring Digits - this one is so special to me when I entered a giveaway hosted by Alexis of - XOXO Alexis Leigh. The catch was to come up with a name for this nameless Daring Digits polish and they picked my entry and it was so cool. You Blue My Heart Away is a milky white based polish with navy hex glitters, teal micro glitters and blue heart shaped glitters, I used 2 coats over Correction Tape by Spoiled.

White Pearl by A Rhyming Dictionary - this polish is so unique, a milky dusty light blue opaque base with all sorts of fun glitters. I applied 2 coats over Blue-ming Romance by Piggy Polish.

Kaliko II by A Rhyming Dictionary - a mix of red and blue shredded glitters in a suspension base. I used the dabbing method over Chocolate Factory by Nanacoco.

Beauty School Dropout by AquaDaisy - a sheer with a hint of shimmer pink base with black, white and silver holo glitter hex. I applied 2 coats over Pink Friday by OPI.

Seppuku by Nail Pattern Boldness - consists of orange, yellow and hot pink in a clear base, I think I chose a wrong color for the base I should've used an orange or red base for this. I applied 2-3 coats over Chiffon by Jordana.

Mrs. White by Nail Pattern Boldness - a multi-colored matte micro glitters densely packed in a suspension base I believe. I applied 2 coats over Black by Jordana.

I hope you enjoy my post for today. Let me know which of these you think you like the most.


  1. Your swatches of You Blue my Heart Away are so stunning, I'm so glad you like it!

  2. Sorry about your dad <3
    Your nails look beautiful! The swatches look amazing! :D

  3. Sorry about your dad hun
    Gorgeous swatches, amazing polishes.

  4. Sorry about your dad, these polishes look great!

  5. Sorry about your Dad. These glitters are all amazing!

  6. I'm so sorry about your dad. <3
    These glitters are all beautiful, especially the first one with the blue hearts!

    ~ Yun

  7. You Blue My Heart Away looks so great! I just love heart shaped glitter polishes. It's so adorable! I'm sorry about your dad!


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